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Job title :Architect

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.Why Did You Choose to Become an Architect?
Ans.This may seem like a soft question, but your response will tell your potential employer a lot about your passion and motivation. It can also help them to determine whether you will fit in with the company culture. Were you inspired by a favorite artist or a family member in the field? Are you more drawn to the opportunity to create art or to contribute to construction? Your response can also give the interviewer clues about what type of building you like to design. If you became an architect because you wanted to create lasting art works, your ideal process and product will look different than it might if you entered the field to design impressive skyscrapers or specific use buildings like sports stadiums or opera houses.

2.What Factors Led to Your Biggest Success to Date?
Ans.This question serves several purposes. For one thing, it lets your interviewer see your skill level. It also allows them to see how you feel about your accomplishments. Whether you are excited about your past work or feel that you are capable of more, you don’t want the interviewer to get the sense that you feel past projects were beneath you. Instead, speak with confidence about the project, but don’t be afraid to explain what you learned and how much you are looking forward to applying your knowledge and experience to a bigger challenge.

3.How Would You Describe Your Role in Your Last Team Project?
Ans.A successful building project requires coordination with a diverse team. The potential employer is interested in knowing how capable you are of working with others and whether you are likely to recognize their accomplishments or blame them for a project’s problems. Most questions invite you to brag a little about your skills and accomplishments, but your response to this question should emphasize the role of others on your team. Describe your responsibilities and demonstrate how the team worked together to achieve your common goal. It’s ok to admit that a team member may have been difficult, and this can give you the opportunity to describe how you handle conflict, but your overall response should be positive and show that you understand that you did not achieve success completely on your own.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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