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Job title : Business / Stock Analyst
Questions being asked in the interview :

1.How do you define the role of a Business Analyst / Stock Analyst in an organization?
Ans:A business analyst is a liaison between different stakeholders in an organization. He acts as a bridge, a connector and helps the complete project team work as a tightly integrated unit Since stakeholders belong to different domains (e.g. finance, business, marketing) it’s very important for a business analyst to be able to sort and balance the needs of these stakeholders while fulfilling the business objectives at the same time.

2.How do you define a requirement?
Ans:A requirement is the capability possessed by a solution to solve a problem or achieve an objective. Requirements are input to various stages of SDLC and must be properly documented and validated by the business users/stakeholders.

3.What is your requirement elicitation strategy?
Ans: The elicitation strategy depends upon the type of the project.
One can take advantage of direct collaboration with client and have facilitated workshops, interviews and observe the end users. In conjunction, we can use techniques that provide us with more precise information like prototype and scenario building.

4. Could you describe the main qualities of a good requirement?
Ans:The golden rule to measure the quality of a good requirement is the ‘SMART’ rule. According to this rule a requirement should be:
        Specific: The requirement should be specific so that it could be properly documented
        Measurable: We should be able to measure the success criteria of the requirement by different parameters
        Attainable: The requirement should be possible to attain with the given resources
        Relevant: The requirement should be in line with the project’s business case
        Timely: The requirement should be posed in time i.e. early in the project life cycle.

5.When do you know that you have gathered all the requirements?
Ans:Once the requirements are gathered, they are validated by the business users/client. It is only after the approval of the business users, the requirements are considered as to be completed. Additionally, it should be validated that:
  • They are elicited from all the stakeholders from all they key stakeholders of the project.
  • They align with the project’s business case.
  • When they could be done with the resources available i.e. attainable.
  • When the stakeholders of the project are in consensus with the elicited requirements.
All the requirements which pass the above four criteria, they are considered to be as formal and final. These requirements re then documented and become a part of the project scope.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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