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Job title : Diesel Mechanic

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.Briefly chart out what a diesel mechanic is responsible for?
Ans.Diesel mechanics are basically responsible for the troubleshooting, upkeep, maintenance and repair of diesel engines. This may include vehicle engines, generators and plant machinery that requires diesel to make it run.

2. What 3 duties do you consider “all in a day’s work” for someone working in a diesel mechanic position?

Ans.The first most important duty of a diesel mechanic is performing routine maintenance on diesel engines. Secondly, diesel mechanics replace and repair damaged or malfunctioning parts in engines, followed by fixing brake and electrical systems.

3. What do you believe are the 2 most important skills that a diesel mechanic should have?
Ans.While working as a diesel mechanic is skilled work entirely, the 2 most important things are to have an analytic mind and the ability to read and understand blueprints and instruction manuals. This is because each engine is different and it is the small intricacies in their make-up that end up in complicated problems or maintenance issues.

4. What relevant skills do you possess?
Ans.Apart from technical aptitude and in-depth knowledge of working on complex and varied diesel engines, I also possess strong leadership skills, especially where crew management is concerned. Moreover, I have the ability to use modern technologies and hand tools to manage maintenance and repair work.

5.What additional qualifications do you have that you feel have made you a successful diesel mechanic?
Ans.I have deep knowledge of tooling, supply management and inspection tools. These along with an exceptional attention to detail and thoroughness of nature make it possible for me to work for extended hours especially when detailed troubleshooting or maintenance is needed.

6.Diesel mechanics are usually hired depending on their expertise in certain areas. What areas are you most comfortable working in?
Ans.While I am an experienced diesel mechanic and have experience in handling diesel engines in their entirety, I believe my interest lies in handling electrical systems and overhauling pertaining to vehicular diesel engines.

7.What does a typical diesel engine reconditioning procedure consist of?
Ans.The reconditioning process includes repairing or replacing pistons, bearings, gears, valves and bushings. The use of engine lathes and boring machines is an important part of the reconditioning procedure.

8. What different types of vehicles are based on diesel engines?
Ans.Automobiles, trucks, buses, marines and construction arenas are popular types that are based on diesel engines.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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