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Job title : Driver

Questions being asked in the interview :

1. What types of vehicles are you comfortable driving and possess license for?
Ans:I can drive cars and trucks and possess licenses for both.
Tip. Be honest. Provide appropriate information so that if you are tested to drive a vehicle, you do not come across as a novice. Many employers will ask for copies of your driver’s license to make sure you are telling the truth.

2.How would you incorporate technology into your position as a driver and what benefit do you believe it offers in your line of work?
Ans.I have extensive knowledge of using the GPS system. I usually chart out the shortest and safest way to reach a destination before I start out to avoid unnecessary delays.
Tip.Maps are a great way of planning workable routes but if you tell the employer that you have knowledge of GPS, it will portray your skills in handling technology and charting out routes in an efficient manner.

3.How mechanically savvy are you?
Ans.I am comfortable handling vehicle maintenance properly and can also make minor repairs.
Tip.Your position as a driver does not only require you to drive a vehicle. You also need to ensure that it is in proper working condition at all times. Display your knowledge of vehicle maintenance and repair when asked this question at the interview.

4.Tell us about a situation where your role as a driver was truly tested.
Ans.I had to deliver an important consignment when the truck I was driving broke down. With limited but well placed knowledge of handling mechanical repair, I managed to fix the vehicle enough to make it to the destination on time.
Tip.When an employer asks you this question, he is testing your ability to come into your own in a situation of crises. If you have experienced a situation such as this, elaborate on it for the potential employer’s benefit.

5.What is the most difficult aspect of a delivery driver position?
Ans.I believe the customer dealing part is most difficult especially if the customer finds an issue with the supplies and refuses to accept merchandise. However, fortunately I am trained and well experienced in tackling such situations effectively by immediately contacting the supply management and resolving the issue.

6.What will be your response if you hit the vehicle or happen to be in a minor or major accident?
Ans.After ensuring no life is threatened and no injury has been caused, I shall immediately call the employer and let them know the details, if however a serious injury is involved I will call 911 first.

7.What is the best thing about driving / What do you enjoy about driving?
Ans.The thing I enjoy most about a driving position is that one gets to see various new places and unfamiliar roads while being at work on the same time.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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