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Job title : HR Manager

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.What personal characteristics make you a good HR manager?
Ans: Human resource managers deal with personnel and must possess appropriate personal characteristics. You may speak about your interpersonal traits and leadership skills. Written and oral communication and presentation skills are not difficult to demonstrate. Evince initiative and creativity in decision-making by providing relevant examples of your ability to talk and negotiate.

2. What have your hiring strategies been? How do you find talented people for the company?
Ans:Many things can be said here. You are expected to simply give a few examples of your strategies and tactics. You can talk about the larger issues of advertising campaigns. If you personally conduct interviews, you can describe how you decide in favor of any particular candidate. For example, how you examine overall competencies beyond impressive education and experience.

3. Why is employee training important to an organization?
Ans: Coaching employees is one key function of an HR manager. Different training sessions are possible, all with a different yet common purpose. Training familiarizes employees with company policies, work culture, and management. It strengthens team work and gives a common vision to the organization as a whole. Other sessions are ice-breakers meant to make employees feel comfortable in the new environment.

4.What can you tell me about motivation?
Ans:It requires analytical thinking, independence and initiative, problem solving ability, and interpersonal sensitivity. Training is one way to improve motivation. Conflict management is another. You can give specific examples of how you’ve resolved a conflict (between employee and company or between several employees) which resulted in better motivation.

5.How do you collaborate with other company departments in your role as HR manager and why?
Ans:To receive information, feedback, and coordinate decisions throughout the company for optimal efficiency, HR managers cooperate with other departments within the company.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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