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Job title : Industrial Engineer

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.What is a plant layout?
Ans.For a good process to work smoothly, a proper layout is required. The main purpose of a plant layout should be low handling cost and low throughput time. There are two types of plant layout:
  • Product or straight-line layouts: In this, minimization of flow from one operation to next for any product class as machinery is located.
  • Process, or functional, arrangements: It is the grouping of similar facilities.

2.What is total quality control? Mention the technical standards.
Ans.The main objective of total quality control is to provide defect free products in 100 percent of the time to meet the complete needs of the customer. It involves all the members in an organization who can affect the quality of the output - a product or service. ISO 9000 is a world standard for quality, it is a quality assurance management system, which is divided into four divisions on the basis of its technical standards:
  • ISO 9001 covers procedures from purchasing to service of the sold product.
  • ISO 9002 targets towards standards related to processes and the assignment of subcontractors.
  • ISO 9003 It is applied to final inspection and test.
  • ISO 9004 It is applied to quality management systems.

3.Which two groups of management manages the control organization and what are their responsibilities?

Ans.The two groups of management control of organization is the responsibility of two groups of management:
  • Administrative management: It has the responsibility for determining policy and coordinating sales, finance, production, and distribution.
  • Production management: It has the responsibility for executing the policies established by administration.

4.What is process planning? Mention different type of processes.

Ans.Process planning consists of selecting the best process, which can be used in the most advantageous way, selecting the specific tricks, fixtures, etc. to be used, and specifying the locating points of the special tools and the speeds, feeds, and depths of cut to be employed. The two different types of processes are mentioned below:
  • Basic Processes The first processes used in the sequence that leads to the finished design.
  • Secondary Processes: operations that are required to transform the general form created by the basic process to product specifications.

5.What points should be kept in mind to build an effective organization?
Ans.Following principles should be kept in mind to build an effective organization:
  • Clear separation of the various functions of the business should be established to avoid overlap or conflict in the accomplishment of tasks or in the issuance or reception of orders.
  • Each managerial position should have a definite location within the organization, with a written job specification.
  • There should be a clear distinction between line and staff operation and control.
  • A clear understanding of the authority under each position should prevail.
  • Selection of all personnel should be based on unbiased techniques.
  • A recognized line of authority should prevail from the top of the organization to the bottom, with an equally clear line of responsibility from the bottom to the top.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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