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Job title : Advocate

Questions being asked in the interview :

1. Tell me what education you have relevant to the position.
Ans.Besides a law school degree, many lawyers have degrees or coursework in a number of other relevant subjects, like English, politics, socialism, and economic science. Some lawyers have degrees in accounting or engineering.

2.What are some of the main personality traits of a successful lawyer?
Ans.Lawyers are highly trained, highly educated professionals who command vast and precise knowledge in many areas besides law. They are also able to manipulate their knowledge creatively to make their case. Lawyers are confident and charismatic.

3.What is the importance of interpersonal skills for a lawyer?
Ans.Lawyers must be able to work long hours alone, with complex documentation and literature. At the same time, their interpersonal skills must be outstanding to effectively communicate in the office and in the courtroom. Lawyers use not only their analytical prowess but also their personalities in their work.

4.Describe your area of expertise and your operation strategies? 
Ans.Be brief and use specifics to say what and how you do when, for example, you receive clients, draw up legal documents relevant to the case, decide for or against taking the case, etc.

5.Do you have any experience with corporate legal work?
Ans.Lawyers are usually represented as criminal lawyers in the public eye. Many, of course, are civil lawyers, and there are those who specialize in corporate law – the legal aspect of business transactions. Business companies always hire lawyers to represent them and handle any legal aspects, definitions, and documentation of their activities.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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