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Job title : Sales Quality Manager

Introduction about the Sales Quality Manager : Quality managers aim to ensure that the product or service an organisation provides is fit for purpose, is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations.

         A quality manager, sometimes called a quality assurance manager, coordinates the activities required to meet these quality standards.

        Quality managers monitor and advise on the performance of the quality management system, produce data and report on performance, measuring against set standards.

        They liaise with other managers and staff throughout the organisation to ensure that the quality management system is functioning properly. Where appropriate, they advise on changes and how to implement them and provide training, tools and techniques to enable others to achieve quality standards.

Questions being asked in the interview :

1. What experience do you have in developing the quality assurance manual?
Ans.Quality assurance professionals are expected to create and implement formal written documentation. What role have you played in planning and developing a QA manual? Take the interviewer through the steps you took to review and assess existing procedures, identify modifications or updates required, formalize the procedures and gain approval for the manual.

2. What is the role of formal documentation in quality assurance?
Ans.Your answer should highlight the importance of documentation in a complete quality process. Focus on the benefits afforded by documentation such as accountability, the completeness of a process, consistency, deadline compliance, improved communication and availability of records.

3. How have you used data to improve process and products?
Ans.Show how you have used data analysis to make sound decisions for process improvements. What statistical knowledge do you have and how have you applied appropriate statistics to pinpoint problems and make business decisions? Use a specific example to support your answer to QA interview questions around data analysis tools, techniques and applications.

4. What customer interface have you had in dealing with quality issues?
Ans.QA interview questions like this are exploring your direct experience with customers.  The organization's main focus must be to satisfy their customers. Focus on how you managed the customer's concerns and how you dealt professionally and promptly with the quality problem. Discuss your corrective action plan.

5. Describe your experience with quality audits.
Ans.What audits have you conducted? What were the goals of the audit? How did you prepare for it? The planning and preparation for a quality audit is key to ensuring the effectiveness of that audit. How did you monitor the audit findings? How did you control the corrective actions?

(Written on: 15.10.2015)

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