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Job titles: Fashion Catalog Model

In general, the requirements may vary but the most common requirements to become a catalog model are as follows:

Height:5'5" or taller.

Weight:Varies but must be proportional with height.

Measurements: Varies but still desirable is 34-24-34 (bust, waist, hips for women)... for males, measurements are more flexible.

Attributes: Must have good skin (not perfect but free of blemishes), healthy hair, well groomed (this includes fingernails and toes), great smile, wide face, symmetrical features, youthful and energetic appearance.

Catalog models are required to be the more attractive version of everyday consumers and as such should have the ability to smile naturally, showcase a playful side and have high energy. A catalog model does not have a unique, strange, odd, weird, or alien look that is often sought after for runway and fashion models.

Package: Mostly as per pre-determined contract. Per day / per hour compensation is one of the popular method.

(Written on: 16.09.2014)

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