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Job title : Painter

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.What do you know about pre-painting duties of a painter?
Ans.A painter is not only required to paint surfaces. It is also the job of a painter to prepare surfaces by performing activities such as clearing areas and removing fixtures and electric switch covers.

2.How do you ensure that the finishing of your work is neatly done?
Ans.One of the very important things that one needs to do before beginning a paint job is to fill holes and crack with putty or plaster. By compounding surfaces, one increases the chances of the end result being flawless.

3.What are the major duties of a painter?
Ans.The first thing that a painter needs to do is confer with clients to determine their specific painting requirements. Discussing colors, shades and design are all part of this work. Once a color, shade and design is decided on, it is the job of a painter to acquire all the supplies and plan how to go about the painting job so that deadlines can be met.

4.What was your greatest challenge as a painter? How did you overcome it?
Ans.There was a time when a customer wanted a particular design on his wall, the stencil for which was not available. I tried to acquire it using all my resources but was unable to. At the end, I managed to fulfil his demands by creating the stencil myself. It worked wonderfully and the customer was satisfied!

5.What do you do when you cannot find a particular shade that a customer has asked for?
Ans.I make sure that I look everywhere possible so that I can satisfy the customer. However, in the rare event that I have not been able to obtain a particular shade, I make it myself.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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