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Job title : Quality Analyst

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.What exactly does a quality analyst analyze in the capacity of his job in a company?
Ans.To maintain product quality, analysts look at the current finished product and at the production process, from development to marketing. They put that in the context of the market and company goals and possibilities. They analyze this information for any problems and opportunities at improvement.

2. How do quality analysts use testing methods within the scope of their job?
Ans.Quality analysts develop ways to test a specific company’s production process. They can also train other company personnel and any other quality inspectors to use this testing method.

3.What are the important characteristics of a successful quality analyst?
Ans.Quality analysts are highly trained, highly educated professionals. They have outstanding analytical ability and extensive knowledge. They learn quickly and are able to expertly analyze current market demands and company-specific conditions. They are also very creative, because they solve problems by developing company-specific testing and improvement methods.

4.Do you have experience working with people as a quality analyst?
Ans.All quality analysts work with people. Analyzing the production process means analyzing the people working on production, as well as the technology involved. Quality analysts are able to interact effectively with employees at all levels of the production process. They also report to department and company managers and often personally meet clients or suppliers.

5.What is the role of communication skills in the career of a quality analyst?
Ans.Quality analysts report to management and are able to make effective presentations of the situations or the problems, and the possible ways to fix problems.

They also interact with all levels of employees, clients, and suppliers and their written and verbal skills must be first rate to be effective.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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