DM Plant Operator
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Job titles: DM Plant Operator

What is a DM Plant?
Ans.Boiler make-up water treatment plant and storage Since there is continuous withdrawal of steam and continuous return of condensate to the boiler, losses due to blowdown and leakages have to be made up to maintain a desired water level in the boiler steam drum. For this, continuous make-up water is added to the boiler water system. Impurities in the raw water input to the plant generally consist of calcium and magnesium salts which impart hardness to the water. Hardness in the make-up water to the boiler will form deposits on the tube water surfaces which will lead to overheating and failure of the tubes. Thus, the salts have to be removed from the water, and that is done by a water demineralising treatment plant (DM Plant).

A DM plant generally consists of cation, anion, and mixed bed exchangers. Any ions in the final water from this process consist essentially of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which recombine to form pure water. Very pure DM water becomes highly corrosive once it absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere because of its very high affinity for oxygen. The capacity of the DM plant is dictated by the type and quantity of salts in the raw water input. However, some storage is essential as the DM plant may be down for maintenance. For this purpose, a storage tank is installed from which DM water is continuously withdrawn for boiler make-up. The storage tank for DM water is made from materials not affected by corrosive water, such as PVC. The piping and valves are generally of stainless steel. Sometimes, a steam blanketing arrangement or stainless steel doughnut float is provided on top of the water in the tank to avoid contact with air. DM water make-up is generally added at the steam space of the surface condenser (i.e., the vacuum side). This arrangement not only sprays the water but also DM water gets deaerated, with the dissolved gases being removed by an air ejector attached to the condenser.

Role & Responsibilities of DM Plant Operator:
To operate, monitor, maintain, and trouble-shoot the DM plant / wastewater treatment facility and its processes. Work involves responsibility for the technical aspects of plant operations, compliance with state and federal operating regulations, and underground sewer system. Work is performed with considerable independence under the direction of the Chief Operator, subject to review through reports and results achieved.

Work Requirements: Be able to perform and document various tests required by State and Federal agencies for the operation of a DM plant / wastewater treatment plant. Perform daily checks of the DM plant / wastewater treatment process and periodic checks of pump stations. Have a working knowledge of the operation, methods and procedures of a DM plant / wastewater treatment plant. Have a working knowledge of the machinery used for DM plant / wastewater treatment and pumping stations. Have a thorough knowledge of mechanical equipment and the ability to diagnose and correct equipment malfunction.

Package: Starting at 8000 to 10000/- PM and above as per experience.

(Written on: 16.09.2014)

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