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Magic Show  ("-3900) Seminar  ("1275)
Training on ECommerce and Online Selling Business  ("1000) Open Training Program for All Net workers  ("1000)
LDP SURAT  kaminisharma12("1000) Weight Loss and Fitness Workshop  dhaval("1050)
First WordPress Meetup  dipalikalgude("1000) Baroda Youth To Business 2014  dipalikalgude("1000)
Vichar Samvad By famous Authors  oldie("1625) PEHCHAN  dipalikalgude("1000)
Seminar by Rotary Club of Surat  sevaq1("1000) Most Fuel Efficient Cars Award to Stile  sevaq1("1000)
Compact SUV of the year Award to Nissan Terrano  sevaq1("1000) A National Summit on Financial Services  sevaq1("1000)
Secrets of Success Seminar  sevaq1("1000) Free Career Guidance for education abroad  nimitsurat("1000)
RajMarg - Self Development Training Course  RajMarg("1000) USA Visa Seminar-For All USA Visitor Visa holders  jeruz("1000)
i follow PAINTING WORKSHOP 2012  sevaq1("1000) Stay Healthy Naturally  sevaq1("1000)
Seminar of Freelance work opportunity  mycityjobs("1000) Seminar of Freelance work opportunity  mycityjobs("1000)
Visa Seminar  surtivishal("1000) TALLY DAY  icpatally("1000)
Squirrel SOftech Servuces  Inspired_Asp("1000) Dhiraj Sons Parle Point Presents  dhaval("1050)
Self Awareness Programme  dhaval("1050) Change Before Its Too Late  dhaval("1050)
Special Seminar for CA Students FREE COUNSELLING FOR CA Student
Book Exhibition In SURAT SAP Showers  kriti("1000)
Murals : Learning Session  artstudio("1000) Gender Ratio Balancing Movement  dhaval("1050)
Seminar on Study and work abroad  devrak("1000) Book Festival at Surat  devrak("1000)
Training program for Diamond and Jewellery  devrak("1000) Diamond identification and Jewellary Designing  devrak("1000)
FREE SEMINAR on How to Crack Compititive test  devrak("1000) INCREASE YOUR EARNING  dhaval("1050)
Free Seminar of THROB INSTITUTE OF ART  devrak("1000) FREE EDUCATION AND CAREER FAIR IN SURAT  devrak("1000)
Free Batches for 7 days  devrak("1000) CME Seminar - Adarsh Hospital, Valsad  devrak("1000)
Live Vehicle Tracking Demo  dhaval("1050) Social Engagement Protocol  oldie("1625)
Govt Medical College Surat Alumni Function  dhaval("1050) Mind Power Seminar  dhaval("1050)
dental helpline  mayurdudhat("1000) AMIGO LIBRARY SUMMER WORKSHOP  dhaval("1050)
Ideal place for Business Meetings  dhaval("1050) Effective Negotiation Skills  dhaval("1050)
Money Matrix Workshop  dhaval("1050) Basic Course_Art Of Living  dhaval("1050)
Homoeopathic  ninaxi("1000) Photo Exhibition - We and Our Environment  dhaval("1050)
Vipatsna  Devesh("1000)
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